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Despite recent negative headlines, anyone thinking of purchasing a new stove, along with current owners, can be assured that the government are not seeking to ban wood-burning stoves.  Instead, they want to ensure that consumers use the cleaneststoves and the cleanest fuel.  The Stove Industry Alliance ("SIA") have developed a new standard of stove - "SIA Ecodesign Ready".  An Ecodesign Ready stove has the backing of both DEFRA and the Mayor of London.  All our stoves are DEFRA approved suitable for smokeless zones; ecodesign stoves give out 90% fewer particle matter (PM) emissions than an open fire and 80% fewer PM emissions than a 10 year old stove.


Sales of wet wood and coal - the two most polluting fuels - will be phased out by the government from February 2021 to help lower air pollution.  Clean fuels permitted for burning are: Kiln Dried Logs, Seasoned Wood, Briquettes, Olive Logs and Coffee Logs - we are an avid supplier of Coffee Logs believing that they burn hotter, are good for the environment and more importantly, are safe for you and your family - unlike wet wood.



Newman Panther SE 5kw Stove 

(H576 x W412 x D293)

 Eco 2022 Ready**

Flue liner kit

Carbon monoxide alarm

HETAS certification

£1,400 including fitting

subject to survey

**meets new government clean air regulations

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